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Play With Numbers 1 To 100

 Play With Numbers 1 To 100
 Play With Numbers 1 To 100
 Play With Numbers 1 To 100
 Play With Numbers 1 To 100
Play With Numbers 1 To 100

Bichitra Publication’s numbering books contains charming colourful illustrations and activities which will help your little ones get familiar with numbers within no time. Our numbering books are designed for early learners to develop pencil control and motor skills by following the arrows and tracing the dotted lines, the little scholars can complete the tracing exercises and creative activities easily. This will lead to the development of their early writing skills. This engaging book will boost your child’s progress and help them learn to identify, write and revise individual numbers and count objects.  

Ideal Means of Learning 

Designed for preschoolers, this book is an ideal way to get them take the first step into learning numbers. Tracing and enough practice skills will enable the children to improve their writing skills. 

Promotes Number Recognition 

The book is developed to promote the number recognition so as to make the children identify and learn counting and proper number formation in the most correct and easy way. 

Attractive Pictures and Fun-Related Activities 

Vibrant pictures and many fun-related activities of children's interest will be a great help to keep the little minds effectively occupied. 

Good Quality of Paper 

Excellent quality of paper and inks have been used for the production of these books that gives it a smooth, brighter look and makes the children get attracted to it. 

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